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Apr 25

V2Cigs New Ex Cartridges: An ECigarette Innovation

V2Cigs Ex Cartridges

Just when I thought V2Cigs products couldn’t get any better they introduce their new Ex Cartridges which have set a whole new standard for traditional e-cigarette vaping.

Apr 05

Apollo Luminous EVOD Battery Review

Apollo Luminous eGo

The Apollo Luminous EVOD is a powerful and cleverly styled eGo ecig battery that boasts a flat, luminous activation button.

Mar 18

V2Cigs EX Batteries E-Cigarette Review

V2 Ex Series Starter kit

#1 Selling e-cigarettes V2Cigs has improved their EX Batteries and the entire Ex Series of slim stye ecigs. 

Mar 08

V2Cigs Universal Adapters Let You Use V2 Cartridges with Other Brands of E-Cigarettes


V2Cigs Universal Adapters let you use V2 Cartridges with other brands of E-Cigarettes

Feb 07

Battle of the Tanks – Review of V2 EX Blank Tanks

Filling an EX Blank tank

Here’s Cloud Nine’s honest review of V2Cigs EX Blank Tanks.

Feb 01

Battle of the Tanks – E-Cigarette Review of Halo’s Triton Tank and Mini Tank

Halo Triton Tank e-cigarette Starter Kit

Here’s our review  and tutorial of the timeless eGo, the Halo Triton Tank System and the Halo Mini-Tank. Also learn how to clean your Clearomizer tank and how to care for it.

Jan 30

VaporZone Super Bowl Commercial is Scandalous


Here’s the full VaporZone commercial which first aired in the 2014 Super Bowl. Positively Shocking..and we love it!

Jan 12

Judge Rules in Favor of Electronic Cigarettes

In the midst of controversy, there is a refreshing, long buried event that marked an important judicial ruling in favor of e-cigarettes.

Dec 29

Our Premium Vapes Giveaway Winner Reviews the EGO Kit

Cloud Nine’s latest giveaway winner reviews the new EGO kit and Cartridge Flavors

Dec 22

The Real Reason Behind the New York City E-Cigarette Ban

No Vaping in the Big Apple

New York City Council in a flourish of bravado and political posturing voted to include electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) in the city’s public smoking ban.

Dec 16

VaporFi – formerly VaporZone E-Cigarettes Lets You Call the Flavor Shots

VaporZone e-cigarette colors

VaporFi has 8 high performance, electronic vaporizers and boasts American-made, customizable e-liquids that are tested in FDA approved labs…plus you can mix your own flavors, and flavor shots.

Dec 08

Are Flavored E-Cigarettes Made to Attract Kids?

peach and chocolate flavors

Politicians and reporters think e-cigarette flavors should be banned because “Kids love ‘em”, but what about our rights as adults?