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Top 3 Beginner Vape Pen Starter Kits

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Best 3 Vape Pen Beginner Starter Kits - CloudNineEcigReviewsThere are many Vape Pens designed for beginner vapers, but not all are lightweight, easy to use and consistently reliable. Only a few give you the option to fill your tank with dry herbs or oils.

We’ve checked out many brands and styles and a handful of them rate highly; but our top 3 picks really top the charts with newbie vapers because of performance and price value.

The V2 Series 3x Vape Pen Starter Kit

Innovative ecig company V2 introduced their Series 3 vape pens a few years ago and they have become top sellers. I personally recommend the newer 3X model, because it has more features than the Series 3, and it’s just as easy to use.


Here's Why So Many Vapers Like The Series 3X Vape Pen

  • The Series 3X has one of the sleekest, most modern designs in the industry.  It feels good in your hand and fits easily into pocket or purse.
  • The V2 cartridges connect magnetically so there’s no struggling with tanks that are difficult to screw off and on. The charger cord uses the same magnetic technology, which is a real plus if you need glasses to attach a usb connection.
  • Your kit comes with 2 ceramic e-liquid cartridges. Ceramic is the best you can get, guaranteeing great flavor.

Note: You’ll get around 40 refills from each cartridge.

  • You also receive 3 interchangeable atomizer coils; each ohm resistance is different .

  • 1.2 & 1.5ohm atomizer coils. That’s great for e-liquids with higher PG Levels.
  • 0.9 sub-ohm atomizer coil.  This will give you greater cloud production and flavor.

Note: You’ll get about 20 e-juice refills before you replace the atomizer.

Need to Learn all about atomizer Ohms? Read the post.


Unexpected, But Very Cool


I particularly like the V2 Series 3X because you can grow into it.

This vape pen has some added features that let you fine-tune your vape.

  • You can choose more or less airflow. Just turn the ring at the base of the tank. Less flow will give you a tighter draw.
  • If you wish to adjust the temperature setting, you double-click the activation button.This is useful if you use the optional S3 wax/oil cartridge.
  • Yes! You can add accessory cartridges and more. The V2 Series 3X is one of the few quality vape pens that has compatible cartridges for e-liquids, dry herbs, oils and wax.
  • Your 3X kit already comes with 2 e-liquid cartridges, but the others are available on the V2 Series3 page.

Just Scroll down to the links for loose leaf and essential oils.


Looking for a Streamlined Mouthpiece?

Expect these newly styled mouthpieces to be available in the Fall of 2017.



The JUUL Vapor Starter Kit

JUUL vape kit-CloudNineEcigReviews

The JUUL really is a little gem of a vape pen. I may be a seasoned vaper, having tested so many styles and levels of ecigs, but I absolutely LOVE my JUUL.

This very discreet vape pen is so easy to use and so satisfying, even advanced vapers choose the JUUL as their go-to favorite vape.


What I Like About the JUUL


  • This vape pen has only 2 simple parts – the battery and the flavor pod which holds the eliquid.
  • The pod pops into the battery easily so there’s no need to fill before vaping. Of course you have to buy one of JUULS pre-filled flavor pods.
  • JUUL’s USB charger is magnetic, so your pen attaches with ease and recharges quickly.
  • The JUUL has a very cool, flat,  design so it can’t roll off the table. Even if you do drop it, the tank won’t crack.
  • You get great vapor and full flavor from each of five flavor pods.
  • This vape pen is not only discreet, it fits into just about any size purse. It certainly won’t give you a pocket bulge.
  • The pods contain enough nicotine (5mg/ml) to satisfy any former smoker.

Wired Magazine called the JUUL, “the first great e-cig”.


The editor of TechCrunch, Jordan Crook raved about the JUUl vape pen.

“As a smoker, the Juul is actually comparable to actual cigarettes in terms of taste and sensation.”



If you’re looking for a high quality Vape Pen with great features, or if you’re just ready to move up from tasteless drugstore “cig-alikes”, any one of these Top 3 Beginner Vape Pen Starter Kits is sure to give you vaping satisfaction.

What are you looking for in a beginner Vape Pen Starter Kit? Feel free to comment!



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