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Best E-Cigarette Starter Kits Review

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Most Popular ecigarette kits

Cloud Nine is best known for our detailed, honest reviews of e-cigarette products. This review of the Best E-Cigarette Starter Kits is also easy to navigate.

Note: This post has been REVISED FOR 2016

E-cigarettes (also known as electronic cigarettes or ecigs) are becoming more and more popular as millions of happy vapers worldwide share their experiences of switching to this revolutionary product that produces no ash or cigarette butts and has no offensive odors.

The benefits of e-cigarettes are numerous, and we offer many articles on those merits; but if you are ready to try them and are shopping for E-Cigarette Starter Kits, here’s our comprehensive review of the Best Selling Traditionally Styled Ecig Starter Kits on the market.

Please note, all brands offer HOLIDAY DISCOUNTS on their websites that can be even better than the prices listed in this review! 

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V2 Cigs

Premium Electronic Cigarettes

South Beach Smoke


 Vaporfi custom ecig builder


Vaporfi e-cigarettes have been around a long time. They started out as VaporZone, then changed their name in 2014. Vaporfi offers a very high-end product. They have safety tested, long lasting batteries and their tanks give you exceptionally thick vapor. Vaporfi's customer service is also second to none. They're competitively priced and very popular. 

1 – VaporFi’s most economical Starter Kit is called the Pro Kit

At $39.98, this economical Starter Kit is a great way to introduce yourself to second generation vaping that gives you greater flavor and vaping satisfaction. VaporFi has a cool Custom Vaporizer Builder so you can choose your colors, styles and accessories and see the results on the screen.

The Standard Pro Kit comes with…

  • (1) 650 mah Battery
  • (1) USB Charger long lasting Cartomizers, your flavor choice and Nicotine Level
  • (1) Pro-L II Clearomizer Tank

You can also add a Universal Wall charger, extra atomizers and other accessories while you build your kit. 

The VaporFi Pro Kit has a10 lovely battery colors and tanks from which to choose. Of course you'll have to buy your eliquid either from VaporFi or any other e-liquid company. 

Cost of  VaporFi's Basic Pro Kit: $39.98 

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Hillary Miles, Cloud Nine’s editor and contributing author has been an advocate of the vaping industry for over 8 years. After a long career writing and producing for national television networks, Hillary now focuses on helping smokers and former smokers better understand the many benefits of electronic cigarettes and the role they play in tobacco harm reduction, health and well being.

She is the editor for Cloud NineSavvy ExaminerBest E-Cigarette Guide and ECigarette News .

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