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Best Selling ECigarette Vaporizer Comparison Chart

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Best Ecig Vaporizer Comparison Chart

Choose the Best Vaporizer Kit From the Best of the Best Sellers

Ready to Make the Switch to a Personal Vaporizer? Maybe you're just ready to add your own e-liquids to an eGo-Style Tank System and you're looking for a Starter Kit that’s reasonably priceduncomplicated and reliable?

Check out our Vaporizer-Chart!  You can compare the many styles, features and products from the most popular brands so you’ll be able to choose the perfect vaporizer for your vaping needs. Be sure to use the table's horizontal scroll feature see all choices.

FeaturesVaporFiV2CigsDirectVaporHalo CigsSouthBeachSmokeApollo
VaporFi Vaporizerswidth=DirectVapor LogoSouth Beach Smoke Vaporizers 88Apollo-Superior-eGo-Electronic-Cigarette-Kit-88
Tank/Atomizer Styles:13550+ including eLeaf,
Joyetech, Kanger,
Innokin, Smok &
11 525+
Sells Glass Tanks*YesYes-
EXblank tanks
# of Vaporizor Kits15265+8420
Color ChoicesYesYesdepends on
Sells Variable Voltage BatteriesYes Yes with
Battery Compatibility
w/ Other Tank &
Clearomizer Brands
YesPro Series-No
Yes - Limited to eGo'sTriton Tank-No
G6 -Yes
Tracer -No
Reactor - No
YesYes - Limited to eGo's
E-Liquid Rating**Varies with
brand sold
Offers Replaceable
YesNo, but complete Tank
is replaceable
Reliability Rating
Value for Money
VaporFi Vaporizerswidth=DirectVapor LogoSouth Beach Smoke Vaporizers 88Apollo-Superior-eGo-Electronic-Cigarette-Kit-88
Brands VaporFiV2CigsDirectVaporHalo CigsSouthBeachSmokeApollo
Basic Starter Kit Price$18.37 for VaporFi
Pro II Vape Pen
Starter Kit
$59.99 for the
ProSeries3 and
ExBlank Kit
$14.95 for Eleaf iCare Starter Kit$24.99 for
Triton Single

Editors Choice:

1- Vape e-liquids, plus loose leaves of any kind, oils and wax with V2's Series 3 or Series 7 Kit. 

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Hillary Miles, Cloud Nine’s editor and contributing author has been an advocate of the vaping industry for over 8 years. After a long career writing and producing for national television networks, Hillary now focuses on helping smokers and former smokers better understand the many benefits of electronic cigarettes and the role they play in tobacco harm reduction, health and well being.

She is the editor for Cloud NineSavvy ExaminerBest E-Cigarette Guide and ECigarette News .

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  1. Jay Goldfarb

    Can I put hash oil in it?

    1. Hillary

      Hi Jay,
      Absolutely. V2 Cigs Wax Cartridge is compatible with wax, oil, gel and similar concentrates. It fits the Pro Series 7 and Series 3. You’ll get clouds of vapor.

  2. ramon

    Thanks. Love that chart, hope there’s a giveaway kit,,

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