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ECigarettes – How Long Do They Last Before You Need a Replacement?

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Tips For Extending the Life of Your E-Cigarette

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I’ve been vaping for several years and I enjoy experimenting with different ecig brands and styles. I do have my go-to faves which I’m happy to replace when they wear out. I take the batteries Best Buy, Home Depot or Lowes as they're happy to recycle them for you.


Whether you like it or not, e-cigarettes, batteries, atomizers and cartridges, like all consumable products will age, become less efficient and eventually die. So yeah, replacing parts is a normal recurring expense associated with electronic cigarette use.

I’ve found some brands like V2 and Vaporfi last longer than others, but whatever you vape, expect to replace your ecig parts. 

That said, the average lifespan of an e-cigarette battery will vary depending on how heavily you use it.

What’s the Average Life Span of An E-Cigarette?

Any traditionally styled “cig-alike” battery will last 6-8 months. You may notice that it’s not fully charging, or it may not charge at all.

Intermediate style ego-type batteries – 650 mAh or 1000 mAh, 3.7 Volt batteries, such as the Halo Triton Tank or the VaporFi Pro should last 6-8 months; although I’ve had some from those companies that lasted over a year.  I actually had a Triton Tank that lasted over 2 and a half years. I finally replaced it, but only because the chrome finish started to wear off.

Even those Ultra-powerful 18350 or 18360 batteries (like Vaporfi’s Rebel) will only last you about 6-8 months before they diminish in power.

High wattage, variable volt Box-Style vaporizers (like Halo’s Reactor, or Vaporfi’s TC MOD) may hold a charge for a longer period of time between charging, but they will age a bit faster, as they work harder.

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What’s the Lifespan of Atomizer Heads, Cartridges and Tanks?

When it comes to atomizers, expect them to last three weeks to a month, depending on usage.

Cig-alike pre-filled cartridges or mini-refillable cartridges (like those from V2, Vaporfi or Halo) will last anywhere from 2-3 weeks.

Your vaporizer’s e-liquid tank is considered dead if it cracks. Bury it in your garbage bin.  If you never clean your ecig Tank, it can become unsanitary and warrant replacing. Those little refillable mini-tanks with the built in atomizer are harder to keep clean so replace them often. They’re far cheaper than the pyrex or larger plastic tanks so replacing them is easy on the wallet.

Other Reasons To Toss Out Your Tank or Battery

E-cigarette safety should always be on your mind. Here’s when to cut your losses and toss it.

1- Your battery gets wet. There’s no such thing as safely drying out a battery that fell in the toilet.

2- You didn't drop your vaporizer, but your e-liquid cracked your plastic tank! Throw it away and either stick to e-juices that won’t crack your tank, or buy that nice Kanger pyrex tank you always wanted.

3- Your battery feels too hot. Before you say goodbye, call the manufacturer to get a replacement or re-read the manual. You may be using the wrong atomizer for the battery or your wattage is set too high.

5- Your vape tastes burnt. Simple stuff. It’s time to change the atomizer or the cartridge.

E-cigarettes are remarkable products. Besides being far safer than tobacco cigarettes, they are also far cheaper in the long run to combustable tobacco products. This is true despite the fact they they will need to be replaced when they wear out.

Remember to always buy reputable brands that are made to last and purchase from companies that take e-cigarette safety seriously. Like most consumer goods, cheap products don’t perform as well, nor last as long as quality goods.

Happy Vaping!


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