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VaporFi Pro 3 – Easy to Use Vaporizer with Features for Every Vaper

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Introducing the New VaporFi Pro 3 in Colors. Simple Enough for Beginner Vapers, Innovative Enough for Intermediate Vapers.

Vaporfi PRO 3 Vaporizer

If you’re ready to try vaping, but want more cloud production and greater flavor than a traditional cig-alike, you need to try Vaporfi’s new Pro 3I also  recommend it for any vaper who wants a no hassle vaporizer that really delivers.

VaporFi says their new device “doesn’t aim to overwhelm”, meaning it’s easy to use and unintimidating. After testing the new Pro 3, I agree that less is definitely more with this pretty and surprisingly powerful vaporizer.

When I first heard about VaporFi’s Pro 3, I was dubious that I’d take interest in yet another eGo style vaporizer. There are so many on the market that are underwhelming. The Pro 3 arrived nicely packaged in a box worthing keeping for storing your kit…and if you're new to vaping, chances are you'll keep it for a long time. 

My testing revealed several attractive features that put this colorful model ahead of other beginner ecigs kits. For starters, it’s priced under $50.

Cool Tank and Atomizer

I like the fact that the Pro 3 has a strong 1000 mAh battery that can hold a charge all day long. Most popular (and similarly priced) eGo’s like the Kanger Evod is only 650 mAh. Better still is that the generous 2.5mL tank is top loading so I didn’t spill any e-liquid when filling it. The Halo Triton Tank is the only other top loader I rate highly…although I found the Pro 3 has a much better atomizer.

Located at the bottom of the tank, the super tall atty has a series of cotton windows rather than threads. This ensures maximum absorption of your e-juice right from the start. Prep is simple and the instruction booklet is very clear. The atomizer has a good life span too. Spares are reasonably priced – a five pack is now $17.99.

ECig Ease of Use Plus Safety

I like the overall size of the Pro 3 as it fits easily into my pocket or purse. I vape in public (lucky to have a few bars around here that permit it) and I prefer a lightweight device in a cool color rather than a heavier, clunkier device. Even Halo’s excellent Tracer is a bit heavy. I now enjoy my larger sized box vaporizers and TC models at home. 

The Pro 3 has such a simple design you don't worry about overheating. Vaporfi is a very reliable company that is very upfront about the safety of its products. 

One thing I had to clarify with VaporFi is their claim that the Pro 3 has a new Mouth-to-Lung technology. Never heard of that one before. 

What it means is that the vaporizer does things better than others in it’s class.

1 – It does a better job of giving you the sensation of smoking a cigarette; giving you a decent “throat hit” right from the start.

2- The systems is built to conserve e-juice. More complicated vaporizers and atomizers really burn through your juice. I didn’t have to refill my tank for 2 days (with my average vaping style).

3- There are small pre-drilled air holes at the base of the tank which is meant to stimulate your taste buds. I definitely got more flavor than a traditional ecig…without any burn.

Hot Colors

The Vaprofi Pro 3 comes in 6 colors plus black and stainless steel. Vaporfi is one of the few ecig companies that lets you mix and match those colors so feel free to flaunt your favorite team.

I do suggest you get an additional battery so you can keep one on the charger. Also, the kit comes with a USB charging cable but no wall charger adapter.  You have to purchase one if you want to charge it in an electrical outlet rather than your computer’s USB port.

Still, for only $49.99 (as of July 2016), the VaporFi Pro 3 is a great deal for anyone getting into vaping or just looking for a satisfying, easy to use vaporizer.

Here’s What’s Included in the Pro 3 Starter Kit:

1 Pro 3 Tank (with pre-installed 2.0ohm Atomizer)

1 Pro 3 1000mAh Battery  (great long lasting power)

1 Additional Pro 3 2.0ohm Atomizer

1 USB Charging Cable

4 Pack of O-Rings (helps prevent leaks)

Instruction Manual

Specs & Features

2.5mL Tank Capacity

Battery Capacity 1000mAh

Battery Voltage 3.5 volts

Atomizer Resistance 2.0ohm

Top Fill Tank Design

All in all, Vaporfi's new PRO 3 is a welcome addition to the ecig marketplace as it's a great choice for anyone who's ready to start vaping more than a cig-alike, but doesn't want the hassle of a complicated, heavier vaporizer.

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