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Where to Buy Chocolate, Vanilla and Fruit Flavored E-Cigarettes

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E-Cigarettes Bursting With Fruit and Dessert Flavors.

Many people who have made the switch to electronic cigarettes, or those who just want to cut back on their “traditional” cigarettes enjoy vaping flavored e-cigarettes where cartridges (filters) and e-liquids burst with fruit and dessert flavors. 

Although there’s a wide variety from which to choose, not everyone finds tobacco flavor e-cigs particularly satisfying. The fact is, many smokers feel that the experience of vaping a uniquely flavored ecig makes the transition to vaping easier. It removes you even further from the traditional smoking experience. 

There are many reputable electronic cigarette companies and those that specialize in e-liquids offering a wide assortment of flavored e-cigarette filters and eliquids. All those mentioned in this review are formaldehyde, diacetyl, acetoin and acetyl propionyl free.


Green Smoke Vanilla Cartomizer

 Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

We’ve tested Green Smoke’s Smooth Cream (formerly Vanilla Dreams), and Mocha Mist flavored cartridges and they are really outstanding-not too sweet or artificial tasting. Their newest flavor, Mountain Clove is for those of you who like exotic herbal flavors. Green Smoke’s Clove is smooth and mellow without being overly fragrant as are so many other brands. It’s a great alternative to a tobacco flavored cartridge. 

Green Smoke presently does not ship flavors other than tobacco and menthol to California so if you live there and want to enjoy the full value of an e-cigarette, read on.  


South Beach Smoke

south beach smoke iconLike it’s admirable competitor, Green Smoke, South Beach Smoke’s original, traditional e-cigarette consists of a battery and a cartomizer (filter). You get a sanitary, self-contained filter each time you need to replace it and it will last approximately 200 puffs per cartridge. In addition to the Chocolate, and Vanilla flavors offered by Green Smoke, South Beach Smoke offers 15 other flavors including Watermelon, Double Apple, and Orange/Mint. How yummy is that! They even offer several different Sampler.


V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes sale promo
Check out V2Cigs, America’s #1 selling e-cigarette. They also have a wide selection of really excellent, true to flavor cartridges, including Coffee, Peppermint, Green Tea Menthol, Cherry and their latest Mint Chocolate Truffle and Pina Colada.

–  Like all ecig cartridges, you can choose your preferred level of nicotine, or zero nicotine. The “Make Your Own Variety Pack” comes as 5 individual cartridges. V2Cigs flavors even have an expiration date stamped on the box, so you know they’re fresh.


Halo e-cigs Shamrock e-liquid

Visit Halo Ecigs

Halo E-Cigs

If you’re ready to move up to a second generation e-cigarette like an eGo or a Tank System where you add your own tasty e-liquids, I recommend the Halo Triton Tank and all of Halo’s 100% pure US made e-liquids. Their Belgian Cocoa favor e-liquid tastes like Belgian chocolate. There’s no strange aftertaste either. Halo’s Shamrock flavor e-liquid was always awesome, but Halo made it even tastier in 2015. Think mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Prefer something less decadent? Try their Twisted Java. It has a premium Espresso base and is layered with Peppermint, Caramel and Macadamia Nut. I know many vapers who like to add it to any tobacco flavored ejuice for a great taste blend.

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