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Enter to Win our Premium Vapes EGO Giveaway

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Premium Vapes, one of the highest rated electronic cigarette companies has just introduced their EGO E-Cigarette, and Cloud Nine will give away TWO FREE EGO Starter Kits (each valued at $99.99) in this Giveaway!


The EGO is like no ordinary e-cigarette. The powerful, lightweight battery holds a charge for up to 16 hrs so you can enjoy vaping for longer without a recharge. That's well over 800 puffs on a single charge and vapor production is voluminous! Of course you get a second EGO in your kit that you can charge, so you'll never be tempted to revert to old nasty smoking habits.

Unlike other EGO/Stealth-type batteries, the EGO is lightweight and unobtrusive. The tip doesn't light up when you puff, so it's great for vaping in theaters. 

The Premium Vapes ECO comes with two cartomizers that don't need filling with e-juice so it's convenient and super-sanitary.

What a great Christmas gift for someone you love, or for yourself!


Congratulations to our Winners – Kristin Duncan and Misty Criss!

Premium Vapes EGO E-cigarette

Premium Vapes EGO Kit

Premium Vapes designer e-cigarettes

EGO Colors

The EGO E-Cigarette from Premium Vapes includes:

(2)- long lasting stealth batteries. Your choice of 7 colors

(2) Cartridges in your choice of flavor and nicotine level

(1) Battery Case

(1) Cartridge holder

(1) USB charger

(1) Wall charger

Cloud Nine Promises never to share, trade, sell, deliver, reveal, publicize or market your e-mail address in any way, shape or form. 

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  1. Misty Criss

    Sorry I was wondering if I can order through this website? Please let me know.
    Thanks again Misty Criss

    1. Hillary

      Misty. Congratulations again and so glad you are loving your EGO kit! If you would like to order through this website just visit our Vapor Store or select the Premium Vapes picture in our Best Selling E-Cigarette Comparison Chart.

  2. Misty Criss

    Hello Hilary (sorry if I misspelled your name),
    I received my Premium Vapes EGO kit yesterday with my vanilla cartridges!! I love it!! I can’t thank you enough, I order the variety pack today. I’m looking forward to trying the Chocolate, Strawberry, Blueberry, Pear, and Caramel flavors next wek!! Once again I can’t thank you enough, I love it and I’m do excited to try those new flavors. I will check back with you and let you know how it goes!!
    Thank you again,
    Misty Criss

  3. Vaper Girl

    Congratulations Misty. Yes, Premium’s Hookah Disposables are awesome and we’re sure you will love their new EGO too. (I love mine!) I got tobacco and blueberry cartridges and I have to say the tobacco is one of the most “realistic” I’ve tasted. The blueberry is delicious and not at all artificial or too sweet. Happy Vaping!

  4. Misty Criss

    I did end up the winner! I picked the pink one with the vanilla flavor if I get another one, I picked chocolate the 16mg!! I have tried lots of different e-cigs and I have not cared for any of them. I liked the disposible flavored Hookahs! So with the flavors I think I will be able to kick this cigarette habit for good. I’m a cancer survivor so winning this contest has given me hope to kick the habit once and for all. I will let everyone know how much I enjoy it after I receive it, so more to come!! A huge Thank You to Premium EGO kit!!

  5. Misty Criss

    Also I wanted to let everyone know that if it is real and I won, this is a blessing. I have just recently been informed I’m cancer free! This will help me to finally quit smoking so I can stay cancer free. So thank you again

  6. Misty Criss

    I received an e-mail early this morning that I won!! I responded as soon as I got the e-mail. So this really is a surprise! I hope it was real and not a joke, I never win so Thank You!! Thanks again-Misty Criss

  7. Paul

    Would like to try them.

  8. Patrycja Chudziak

    I want to win this for my husband , who loves ECigs

  9. rashid mh

    wow these look awsome.want to have one for myself please.

  10. Tracy

    I’d love to win an EGO kit so that I could see if my husband (who has COPD, and still smokes like a chimney, argh!) might have more success with that than he’s had with disposable e-cigs & a rechargable from a brand I like but shall not name. He likes them, but he doesn’t think to use them outside of work. When I was thinking about dipping my toes into the e-cig pool, a lot of my vaping friends told me to go with an EGO, and one swore up and down that a cigalike just made her want to smoke more cigarettes. I wonder if that’s going on with him. Because I’m not flush with cash, I’m not certain that he’d use it, and I don’t feel like I NEED to upgrade, I’m hesitant to buy one (although I’d probably commandeer a battery if I won). Blah blah blah.

  11. Mark

    Trying to quit smoking.

  12. Vaper Girl

    Thanks to everyone for commenting! Premium Vapes is really a great choice for a starter kit. The EGO is new and has awesome vapor and great flavors. Premium’s also has more “traditionally” styled e-cig kits and I hope to hold a glveaway for those kits too in the new year.

    Good luck with this Giveaway!

  13. Michele M

    I want to quit smoking regular cigs and smoke these! All the cool kids are doing it! lol

  14. Talya Gulman

    Already use them

  15. Beth R

    I want to win because I want to quit smoking!

  16. Kristin Duncan

    I want to win so I can get this for my brother.

  17. Ismail K

    i want to smoke safe. Hope to win.

  18. Emory Brooks

    I like that the tip does not glow, it makes it more discreet. I think this would be great to curb social smoking cravings.

  19. James Young

    I want to quit smoking analog cigarettes.

  20. rao

    i want to enjoy safe smoking..

  21. Angela A

    Really want to try them~

  22. Vaper Girl

    Ohhh! You entered a bit too early. The contest widget will become active at 3am ET tomorrow morning when you can enter by using your email or enter via Facebook.

  23. Paul Fassett

    Please enter me into contest

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