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Premium Bling Box-Style E-cigarette Vaporizers

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Premium Vapes Designer ECigarettes Now Include Designer Box Vaporizers 

Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 Shine and Energy Editions

Premium Bling Box-Style E-cigarette Vaporizers-NNOKIN ITASTE MVP 2.0 - ENERGY EDITION

I’ve become a big fan of Innokin iTaste box vaporizers, but what gave me serious ecig battery lust is that they now come in cool designer colors and patterns!

Box-style vaporizers also hold a charge for days on end and they have many distinctive features including variable voltage, wattage settings and an Ohms meter.

Kanger-ProTank2-and-iClearXI-Premium Bling Box-Style E-cigarette Vaporizers

The Shine and Energy Editions

Innokin’s beautiful new vaporizer designs have a quality finish so they won’t fade or peel. This is serious battery bling that makes a bold statement and is a must have for any ecig collection.

The good news is that several models can be found at a great price on the highly reputable Premium E-cigarettes website. You may find similar models elsewhere, but you won’t always get your choice of designs.

The Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 comes with the following:

  • Dual coil iClear16 Clearomizer
  • 1 slim beauty ring
  • 1 USB cable/multi-usb adapter
  • 1 transparent carrying case
  • 1  User’s manual

The battery is a highly stable, rechargeable 2600 mAh Polymer li-ion.

Use the iClear 16 Clearomizer that comes with the kit, or other compatible tanks.

Premium Bling Box-Style E-cigarette Vaporizers-Kanger-ProTank2-and-iClearXIThe MVP 2.0 vaporizer is compatible with pyrex/glass tanks such as the iClear 30, iClear 30s, iClear 30b, the new iClear X.I and all the glass tanks from Kangertech (Kanger), like the popular ProTank2. You can get them all on the Premium website. is a proud distributor of Mods: Ijoy, Innokin, Vision, Chargers, Mod Accessories and much more!

Great Over-the-Top Features

The digital display shows Ohms meter, Voltage/Wattage setting and number of puffs taken since last time the battery was turned off.

The iTaste MVP 2.0 also has passthrough capability which means even if your battery dies you can still vape while your battery is charging because it charges from the bottom.

In addition, it’s a portable power source for other electronic products.

Additional  Specifications include:

  • Standard Micro & 2.0 USB Socket
  • Short Circuit/Atomizer Protection
  • Over-Discharge Protection
  • 10 seconds cutoff
  • On/Off Safety Switch

If you’re looking for a high-end designer styled gift for smokers or vapers, or you just need some ecig battery bling to brighten up your collection, I highly recommend the Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 from Premium ECigarettes.

Also look out for great sales on the Premium website. You can also use Cloud Nine's coupon code HMP10 for 10% off Premium ECigarettes Starter Kits!

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