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Creating Harmonic Interiors

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A Harmonic Interior
Did you ever wonder why some rooms make you feel “at home”, comfortable and relaxed, while others make you feel uneasy and “stressed-out”? Some interiors just seem to be more harmonic. You might say that the vibrations are simply more pleasant.

What does it take to create a Harmonic interior?  It takes a bit more than good design. It takes some knowledge of Feng Shui, Chinese art of placement which facilitates the smooth energy flow around the room.

What’s true to your own body, also applies to a space or room. The Chinese, and many savvy designers, believe proper energy flow is conducive to health, happiness and success.  That's a basic holistic principal.

It is also recognized that the basic principles of Feng Shui follow good design sense as well as the more esoteric, eastern principles for which it is known.

Several years ago, Miles Design, inc. produced an at-home design program called “Creating Harmonic Interiors”.  The program is currently being formatted for an e-book which will be released soon.

Here's a preview of “Creating Harmonic Interiors”  – the concept and design methods for creating a more stress-free environment.  You'll discover it's easy to create perfect spaces that promote health, happiness and success.

Space, Color and Light

Good interior design follows the principles of vibrational energy. You many think it’s all about great space planning and selecting beautiful furniture and furnishings according to your taste, but there’s more to it than that.

When it comes to choosing colors, it helps to understand how colors affect us both physically and emotionally.  You may be surprised to learn that it affects us at all, but it’s true.

Spatial energy also affects the way we act and feel. The size and placement of your furnishings dictate the quality and flow of the energy allowing for greater comfort and functionality.

Even lighting (both natural and manufactured) can affect your health and happiness so it’s important to know how to use different types of lighting fixtures and how to take advantage of the benefits of natural sunlight.

Free E-Book Offer

You’ll find detailed information on how to create your own harmonic interiors with color, space and light within the soon to be released “Creating Harmonic Interiors”, available on

Send us an email to if you would like to be notified of the release date, when it will be available free of charge for a limited time.

To consult with the design experts and author of Creating Harmonic Interiors, visit to set up a no-obligation consultation.

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  1. interior decorators

    In this post you have really share wonderful decoration ideas. I would really like to follow all these steps to giving a new look to my home.

    1. SavvyExaminer

      @interior decorators Thanks! We’re glad you found this useful!

  2. folding doors London

    Awesome article..Really home is the place where we relaxed after our day work and if there is no comfort we are unable to have fresh mind. To have a fresh feeling and a better relaxation we need to design our home. It all depends on our paint colors, interior furniture and the way they are placed. Have a beautiful garden in your home to have fresh air. 

    1. SavvyExaminer

       @folding doors London Thanks for the comment and the kinds words. 

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