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Andrew Cb.

Cb – Cb is an award-winning modern interior designer who specializes in space planning and interior design for architects and builders. Successfully daring and never without his dry wit, (or his sports car), Cb's many talents include Vaper T-Shirt Designs, furniture design, painting, cooking and XBox gaming. A dedicated Manchester United football fan, Sporting Cb is also the editor of E-Cigarette NewsCb recommends the VaporFi high powered VoxII vaporizer

Hillary MilesHillary M.
– Hillary is an Emmy award-winning national television writer, producer and actor. She is president of Hillary Miles Productions and CBH Promotions, LLC and manages several on-line publications including
 SavvyExaminer.comCloud Nine Ecig & Health ReviewsECigarette News, and  Ms. Miles is also a gifted Reiki Master and artistHillary recommends Vapor Couture Electronic Cigarettes (enough colors to match your wardrobe)




Dan-S newDan S. – Dan is an economist who’s interests include economics and finance, music, art, fitness programs and Fantasy Football. Dan is known for his cool-headed temperament and for his honesty and integrity (which is why we chose him as a Cloud Nine reviewer). He appreciates good food, good laughs and is always great company. Dan recommends Halo ECigs and Apollo E-Cigarettes (especially their economical new mods and vaporizers!)


Gary AvatarGary D
. is an energy and telecom consultant with over 20 years of senior project management experience with Fortune 500 corporations. He has always been a staunch supporter of green living, sustainable energy, world peace and Manchester United Football Club. He is a contributing author at ECigarette News. 
Gary recommends South Beach Smoke and V2 Cigs (Rated #1).



Chris HChris H. – Chris is an Architectural Contractor who owns a full-service design-build firm that makes dream homes come true. Originally from Holland, Chris brings his European savvy to Cloud Nine as a reviewer and guest author. He enjoys travel, soccer, and holiday festivities.

Chris recommends V2 Cigs as well as Halo ECigs which he reviewed on Best ECigarette Guide.

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  1. michaela mullinder

    could you help me e cigerette blew up yesterday whilst i was charging blew out across the kitchen and burnt the kitchen floor.i took it back to the shop i brought it from and they where ot at all helpful,they wouldnt even give me a replacement.the man who sold it me said i should be replacing the atomizor every two weeks (my god this would be expensive if i had to do this )i explained i knew nothing about this and there is nothing in the instructions about this .and all he kept saying was when we sell our e cigs we tell all our customers this,i knew nothing about it.who can i speak to about this i would at least like my money back.

    1. Hillary


      You should contact the ecig manufacturer immediately, although the problem may have been that you were using the wrong charger or your battery was too near a hot surface. I am very surprised the shop owner told you to change your atomizer more frequently as that has NOTHING to do with the battery. You may find this Ecigarette batteries helpful.

  2. Neil Goddard


    I am working with a new E-cigarette and I wanted to get in touch to see how I would go about getting them reviewed on your website or featured in the news, we have an upcoming press release I can send details of.



    1. Hillary

      Thanks Neil – Just send your release to

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