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Ecigarette Cartridge Subscriptions – Are they Worth It?

Are ecigarette cartridge subscriptions worth the money? Here are the benefits and drawbacks of these popular ecig programs.

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Vapedia – Understanding the Language of E-Cigarettes

Wondering about Ohms and confused about Cartomizers? We recommend this Ecig Glossary of Vaping Terms. Get valuable information that goes beyond description.

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Virgin Vapor Prepares for FDA Regulations – Testing E-Liquids for Diacetyl, Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl

Looking for E-liquids that are Diacetyl, Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl Free? Here’s why Virgin Vapor is a great choice.

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Important New Studies on E-Cigarette Safety

Many people are concerned about e-cigarette safety. It’s reassuring to know that several important scientific tests have been performed prior to regulation.

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Why Quitting Smoking is So Difficult

Is There An Easier Way to Quit? You know you want to quit smoking. Everyone in your family wants you to quit. Your breath smells bad, your clothes need dry cleaning after every use, you’ve got kids who think it’s okay to smoke because you do it.  So why is it so difficult to quit …

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Vaping Proves to be LESS Addictive Than Cigarettes

A scientific report on nicotine says ecigarettes are not as addicting to the user as tobacco cigarettes.

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Studies Show E-Cigarettes Are Not a Gateway to Smoking

New study disproves that vaping leads to tobacco smoking in teens.

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E-Cigarette Safety Measures

Discover which of the top electronic cigarettes use safety precautions in the factories.

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More Doctors Recommend ECigarettes to Their Patients

Important new E-Cigarette studies show that practicing physicians believe smokers who use e-cigarettes can lower the risk of cancer.

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A Salute to the American Turkey and to Your Good Health

A Salute to the American Turkey and To Your Good Health

Here are several good reasons to choose a local organic turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. You owe it to your family and to turkeys everywhere.

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Why Some E-Liquids Crack Plastic Clearomizer Tanks

If you’ve ever had a vaporizer tank crack on you, you know it can be a very unsettling. But there’s no need to panic. Just be aware of certain acidic e-liquids.

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ECigarette Atomizer Ohms – What They Are and How They Affect Your Vaping Experience

If you’re vaping an ecigarette personal vaporizer, there’s a good chance you have a tank or clearomizer that contains an atomizer that is replaceable when it burns out. Some atomizers, like the Triton Tank System from Halo Cigs have top coils. Others, like the Endeavor from Apollo or the PRO II from VaporFi have bottom coils. All atomizers …

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